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Nova Scotia Land for Sale:  Ocean View Lots

Golden Horizon Drive, South West Port Mouton, NS

Port Mouton Bay

Port Mouton Bay is located on the Lighthouse Route, on the South Shore of Nova Scotia. The Bay is a sheltered bay on the Atlantic Ocean with numerous beaches, islands, and an accessible, natural shoreline. Its white sand dunes are a rarity on these shores.

South West Port Mouton (pronounced Port Ma-toon) is a small fishing community located on the south side of the Bay. The fishing, especially lobster fishing, is the mainstay of the local economy. The locals also harvest moss, mussels, whelk and other species of fish. French explorers visited Port Mouton in May, 1604. Settlements began in the 1700's. Many locals are direct descendants of the original settlers.

South West Port Mouton, like its neighbouring communities, are real comnunities. They are not "manufactured" by a developer ... but functional vibrant communities that take great pride in their Bay, and their marine heritage.

Gentle Pace of Life

“Depending on Traffic”

Here in Port Mouton Bay, you will not say: “Depending on Traffic”. There are no traffic lights; no high pressure commute. You choose the pace of life you want.

Beaches are Public in Nova Scotia

In Nova Scotia, ocean front properties extend to the high water mark only. Beyond that, the beach itself is a public resource to be shared and enjoyed by all. In provincial parks with beaches, access is free, and parking is free. Nova Scotians value and protect their access to the beach.

Living in Port Mouton Bay, your dilema will be, which beach to walk on today! And, if you venture a few miles to the north or to south, the nearby peninsulas and bays offer even more beaches and scenic views. Bring your camera ... and walking shoes.

Shops and Services are Nearby

Within a short drive of Port Mouton Bay, the town of Liverpool has shops and services to meet your everyday needs. On the cultural side, there are numerous events, festivals and community activities to entertain you.

Nearby Communities and Towns

Larger comunities and towns are not far from Port Mouton Bay. Nova Scotia is yours to explore:

Yarmouth - 141kms, 1hr,40 mins
Digby, Bay of Fundy - 157 kms, 2 hrs, 22 mins
Lunenburg - 80 kms, 1 hr, 5 mins
Mahone Bay - 78 kms, 57 mins
Peggys’ Cove - 164 kms, 1 hr, 59 mins
Halifax - 163 kms, 1 hr, 50 mins
Liverpool - 19 kms, 15 min
Summerville Centre - 5.5 kms, 4 mins
Carter’s Beach - 3.1 kms, 3 mins
SW Port Mouton Beach - 1 minute (walking!)

Tourism Web Sites

See Region of Queens Tourism Web Site for more about Queens County. Also see Nova Scotia Tourism web site for a wealth of information about Nova Scotia.

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